At AMPS, the importance that we place on sports and games is much more than merely gaining the benefits of physical activity. As an integral part of our School's curriculum, a balanced scheme of Physical Education teaches teamwork skills, develops overall fitness and complements our Games programme as well. We utilise fine sports facilities and playing fields, including those for track & field, cricket, tennis, netball, soccer and basketball. Our students are encouraged to participate in Inter-School, District, State and National level sports events. Scholarships are awarded to our top sports stars every year. We are especially proud of the fact that AMPS has nurtured several "scholar-athletes" such as Piyush Sangwan (national level junior golf champion, now on a sports scholarship in the United States) and I.S.Ananya (national level junior skating champion). These students have consistently excelled in academics as well as displayed their talents in the sporting arena as well.