All School fees, slips are sent to parents on the 1st working day of each quarter, and are payable in advance on a quarterly basis before/by the 10th of the first month of each quarter. If the 10th happens to be a holiday, then the next working day will be considered as the last day to pay the fees. These are to be paid by 10th April, 10th July, 10th October and 10th January. After payment of fees at the Bank counter, please send one copy of the bill duly paid and stamped by the Bank to the Class Teacher through the child's Almanac.

In case the fee slips are not received, parents must contact school Reception only and not through child's ALMANAC for obtaining duplicate slips well in advance of the 10th of the said quarter. Non-receipt of such slips cannot be considered as a valid reason for non-payment of quarter fees by due dates. Late fees of Rs. 50/- per day will be charged if fees are paid after the above mentioned dates.

NOTE: Final Report Card of the child is withheld until all school dues are cleared. The name of the student will be taken off the rolls if fees are not paid by the 15th day of the second month of the quarter (Example - for the quarter of January to March, name of the student will be struck off if the fees are not paid by 15th February). Re-admission will be considered only on payment of all arrears, and will be subject to availability of seat and payment of re-admission charges of Rs. 2,500/-.

•           The fees may be paid online through any of our two link banks on our school website or by cheque or cash along with the duly filled slip at Induslnd Bank at MG Road (Telephone # 238 8883-86). Only Gurgaon and Delhi clearing cheques will be accepted. Outstation cheques and post-dated cheques will not be accepted, as banks do not check instruments ofpayment, at the time of deposit.

•           For classes MI to XII online payments maybe made either at HDFC Bank Corporate Seva Park Branch on MG Road, Gurgaon (Telephone # 4018002) or Induslnd Bank at MG Road by 10th of the fee month. All cheque payments is subject to verification by the Bank on which cheque is drawn, and as such, the date, the amount in figures and words and also the signatures etc. should be checked carefully before making cheque deposit at the Bank. On the back of cheque, please also write the name of your child, class and section to facilitate its linking receipt of fees. If fees for the whole session are paid in advance, a discount of 5% will be given on Tuition Fees & Transport Fee. Sibling discount is 10% on Tuition Fees for your second child only.

Any change in the address/telephone numbers which is not as per the bill must be immediately intimated at the reception only.