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Where Children are Important

nursery school in gurgaon

AMPS was established in 1995 as one of Gurgaon’s pioneer educational institutions imbibing the Montessori philosophy and method by Mrs. Lalita Trehan, renowned educator trained in the Montessori method from the United States. It has since grown to be a full-fledged CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary School imparting quality education to over 1000 students.  In the Montessori wing, growing minds between the ages of 2½ years to 6 years of age develop freely within a prepared and stimulating environment under the able guidance of Montessori trained teachers. Fully-equipped Montessori classrooms in the early years prepare the child for life, giving her/him a solid foundation for academic excellence. At the Senior Level, all three streams, namely Science (medical & non-medical), Commerce and Humanities are available to enable students to choose from a wide spectrum of pre-professional electives.

We are consistently ranked amongst the “Top 10 Schools in Gurgaon” in TOI’s Survey of Good Schools and also a member of National Progressive Schools’ Conference, New Delhi. The team at AMPS consists of knowledgeable, passionate educators and able administrators who are committed to our motto “Where Children are Important”. The School is located in a picturesque locality close to the Delhi-Jaipur Highway and is easily accessible to students from Gurgaon and South Delhi.

The School is spacious, offering a warm environment combined with modern day facilities for students emerging into a rapidly changing world. Both campuses, as well as our buses, have CCTV monitoring for the safety and security of our students. AMPS has well-equipped Labs in ICT, Science, Maths, Fine Arts, Geography, Robotics, and Psychology as well as Smart Boards. Our Library facilities are well-stocked with reference materials and periodicals on diverse subjects, while our sports infrastructure provides for basketball, badminton, cricket, tennis, soccer, Tae-Kwon-Do and volleyball. AMPS’ facilities also include a modern Administration block, a spacious canteen, activity rooms for Music & Dance, conference facilities, and a mini-auditorium to enhance our holistic learning environment. The School has an infirmary with a well-qualified nurse and school counsellor to attend to our students’ specific needs. AMPS offers scholarships to meritorious students from Class VIII onwards, career guidance and counselling is provided to senior students who benefit from regular guest speakers from the various professions. We offer an Extended Day Programme which is a “home away from home” offering lunch and homework assistance, along with a variety of activities until 6:00 pm for our working parents.

Our Board Results have been commendable with more than two-thirds of our students achieving overall distinctions. AMPS alumni comprise of artists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, fashion designers, those in the IT & corporate sectors, media and business entrepreneurs, many of whom have pursued higher education from renowned institutions like IITs and national/foreign universities of repute. Besides academics, our students are bringing laurels to the School by winning prizes in sports and extra-curricular events such as Olympiads and theatre at inter-school competitions organized at the District, State and National level.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and holistic learning environment for each and every one of our students, one that promotes their all-round development and self-confidence, values-based learning, and a quest for excellence.



Best Preschool/Primary School in Gurgaon

In the primary school program, curriculum is based on CBSE guidelines wherein the children are constantly engaged in observations, questioning and probing– dwelling deeper into concepts using appropriate learning contexts, tools of inquiry, multiple ways of assessing the child’s progress and helping a child to become an independent learner are some of the focus areas

School endorses a holistic education model where each child has her or his own unique identity and self-esteem, which is valued and promoted.

Emphasis is on personalised learning for each student where in  assessment, curriculum, teaching style and out-of-hours provision are all designed to discover and nurture the unique talents of every single pupil.

For Class I and II, no formal examinations are conducted and assessment of the student’s learning is through a range of strategies and takes place both in and out of the classroom.

Periodic tests and examinations are conducted for students of Class III-V based on CBSE pattern.



The middle school curriculum builds on the skills acquired by the students in the primary classes through experiential learning and aims at giving students a deeper learning experience by identifying and supporting each student’s potential and recognizing their strengths.

Our state-of-the-art Computer Labs, Smart Classes, a well equipped Maths Lab, Fine Arts and Robotics Lab ensure our students are well versed in the latest technology. A wide variety of co-scholastic exposure to our students is given through art, music, dance, sports and clubs like robotics, environment, Personality Development, Web designing to name a few.

Aligned to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the academic plan of studies covers all disciplines of learning- English and Hindi as the first and second language , Sanskrit and French as third language, social sciences, sciences, mathematics,, General Knowledge and Computer Science.

Pre Mid , Mid Term and Post Mid Term Periodic tests and examinations are conducted for students of Class VI-VIII based on CBSE pattern.



The secondary school curriculum further builds on the skills and knowledge acquired by the students in the earlier classes. Life skills like social skills, thinking skills - critical, creative, decision making and problem solving, emotional skills and attitudes and values are embedded in the curriculum.

We follow a systematic method of evaluation of our students. Projects & Activity based Worksheets, Internal Assessments are some methods cultivated to assess the student’s progress in the class. The emphasis here is to inculcate in each student an enquiring mind and not merely the acquisition of knowledge.

 Students explore the world of Science through activities, observations and discussions in our well-equipped laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our well-stocked library includes volumes of encyclopedias and reference books that can be used as a learning resource.

Pre Mid , Mid Term and Post Mid Term Periodic tests and examinations are conducted for students of Class VI-VIII based on CBSE pattern.

Internal assessments are carried out throughout the term. It comprises of assessing class activities, periodic written assignments and notebooks – class work and home work. 

The marking/grading is based on the mandate shared by CBSE.


Senior Secondary

Best Senior Secondary School Gurgaon

The Senior Wing of AMPS offers all three streams at the Senior Secondary level. Science (medical and non- medical), Commerce and  Humanities. In the Senior Wing, a systematic method of student evaluation based on projects and assignments within the framework of CBSE guidelines is followed. The infrastructure consists of a well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Fine Arts and Computer Labs along with a well stocked library and EDUCOM Smart Classes. Students are given a lot of exposure through regular seminars and workshops along with career counselling sessions.

Students are encouraged to participate in a range of extracurricular activities and sports, along with developing all round academic excellence in preparation for entry to professional colleges and universities, both in India and Abroad.

Best CBSE Affiliated School with Nursery to Seconday Education